Amazon PSN Store

Sony have revealed that Amazon will be running its own Playstation Network Store which will be another venue where gamers will be able to purchase games and DLC together with Sony's own Playstation Network Store.

The downside of going all digital for the next-gen consoles was going to be restricting yourself yo only one storefront for potential deals, but now that's not an issue anymore. Sony already leaves its competitors in the dust when it comes to sales, especially with its Playstation Plus program, and adding Amazon's deal muscle to the mix increases the potential savings exponentially.

This is a big win for consumers as it promotes competition in the digital retail space and could lead to faster discounted games and more incetives to go digital.

One downside to this news is that its restriced to the US for now but hopefully the Amazon Playstation Network Store will be rolled out in Europe and other parts of the world later on.