Amazon Fire TV Revealed

Online retail giant Amazon have officially announced their TV streaming set-top box, The Amazon Fire TV. This Android based device will be going head to head with the Apple TV and Roku, and will heavily emphasize on media, launching with Amazon Prime, Netfix, ESPN, and Hulu among others.

Confirming my predictions following the leaked Amazon branded controller, the set top box will also have gaming capabilities, with EA, Ubisoft, Double Fine, Sega, Disney and 2K already on board to develop titles for the platform. It was also confirmed that Amazon is setting up it’s own in house development studios to create exclusive content for the platform. Games can be controlled with the remote control, the the remote application, or a separate game controller (dubbed the Voila) which will be sold separately.

TheĀ Fire TV sports a quad-core CPU, 2GB or RAM, Voice Search, Dolby Digital audio, Wifi, HDMI out, Optical out, and an Ethernet port. It is available for the US region as of now; retailing for just $99. For more information and the full specs list click here.