Amazon branded Controller Spotted

Even though Amazon have yet to officially announce a media set top box, speculation has it that the online retail giant has been working on competitor for Roku and Apple TV for some time. Amazon would certainly benefit from such a device, given that their premium video streaming service, The Amazon Instant Video, would be more predominant in the industry and the brand would get more exposure in the market.

Ever since the company’s acquisition of Killer Instinct developers, Double Helix, amazon have made it clear that they are set to play a major role in the gaming industry, and might indicate that the set top box is much rather a media center with gaming capabilities.

Yesterday Eurogamer claimed to have unearthed an image showing what looks like an early prototype of a controller bearing the Amazon’s logo. The images have been reported to have been found on the Brazilian equivalent of FTC website.¬†As some of our followers know, we do not regularly post rumors or speculations, and given the shoddy design and poor image quality, this might just be a fake, or simply a proposed peripheral by a third party developer. But for the sake of the topic; Amazon’s entry into the gaming industry might indicate that they are looking at creating a media device centered around IPTV services, Online purchases, and even gaming. It wouldn’t come as a surprise if the online retail giant comes up with such a device in the very near future.

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