Action and Spy Cameras

As time goes by and lifestyles change, there has been growing demands for Action Cameras, and thanks to the fast pace of technological advances, this is the perfect time to find the ultimate product to suit your needs. This sudden urge for niche cameras aroused the need in me to look into the best products for people on the go who need to capture that extreme moment, and I found some products you might have never seen before.

Let me start off with the first product I saw which you’ve probably never heard of, and is directly aimed to the adrenaline junkies looking to capture those awesome moments in their life. The Rollei Bullet HD lite is an HD video and photo camera smaller than the average mp3 player, making it perfect to mount on dashboards, handlebars, skateboards, or directly on the helmet. The camcorder captures 1280×720 videos at 25fps, whilst photos are captured through a 5Mp CMOS sensor. The battery runs for 2hrs whilst capturing movies, but if you are recording from inside your car you can use a standard USB cigarette lighter adaptor to capture longer videos. The device has a micro SD card slot, and can handle up to 32 GB without effecting performance. The camera can also be set up to take pictures periodically, taking unique shots from new perspectives. The sheer size, weight, and sturdiness of the device makes perfect for extreme sports and races, and the package you buy for a decent price includes a 4GB memory card, helmet, goggles, handle bar, and universal mount. This is an amazing product and compared to the cumbersome alternative (which seem to have taken the market by a storm) there really is no competition between them! The complete package retails for €175 which is have the price of the competition without sacrificing quality and performance.

The second product which captured my attention is aimed for diving enthusiasts who enjoy capturing the beauty under the sea. The Digi Scuba Cam is a perfect budget solution for amateur underwater photography for those people wanting to avoid carrying a cumbersome waterproof camera or buy an expensive underwater camera kit. The 3.1Mp sensor is built into a diving mask directly, which also has a built in memory card slot. The camera uses AAA batteries and can shoot both videos and photos in depths of up to 5 meters. The controls are extremely easy to use and there is a hands free mode aimed for an effortless media capturing device. The device retails for just €83 beating most of standard entry level cameras not aimed for this kind of amateur photography.

The last (but by no means least) product I laid my eyes on, looks like something out of a Mission Impossible movie, and is not only aimed at those action oriented moments. The DNT Spy recorder 3.6 is a marvellous product which is mainly targeted for undercover recording. This device is extremely discreet, and comes with several enclosures aimed to hide the product from view(such a screw heads, and buttons). The camera head is connected via a coiled cable to the main unit which is hidden away in the pocket or behind stuff. Videos are captured in a 720×480 resolution at 30fps. There is 128MB of internal memory which can be expanded through SD card (up to 32GB), and the lithium ion battery allows video captures up to 5 hours long. The camera also has auto exposure and auto focus, allowing it to adapt to changes in light and motion. Apart from straight up video capturing, the device also offers different recording modes such as motion activated (perfect for capturing criminals red handed) and cycle capture mode. All videos recorded are stamped and archived by date and time and can be transferred to PC or TV extremely easily. This device is fantastic and to be quite honest I never thought I’d see one in action, it is a perfect device to capture unique images or videos from unreachable perspectives, and is extremely useful to safeguard your property and your family when in doubt. The Spycorder retails for €129 and for the features and characteristics it possesses, it’s a bargain!

I never thought these products were so readily available off the shelf and I never imagine there would be so many variations. You can find anything to suit your special needs, and even if you simply want to upgrade your current gear to be more action friendly, I found it extremely easy (and cheap) to find different mounts (handle bars, helmet, and universal) which are compatible with all the leading camera brands! So what are you waiting for? If you are looking for these kinds of items, now you have a place to go!

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