A First Look at Anna

It's not often that you hear of Italian Indie videogame development Studios, but one particular studio called Dreampainters are bringing something cool to the table. Dreampainters have been working hard at creating a new PC first person adventure / thriller title, that is set in real world locations in northern Italy and follows real world folkloristic legends. The story has been documented by several villagers of the town of Champoluc, where it is believed that in a sawmill in the outskirts of the town, a jealous Lumberjack murdered his family, who still haunt the location during storms. The game will have the character unravel the mysteries by solving puzzles and scavenging for clues. The game will have three different endings, which will vary according the actions you take and the clues you uncover. The game will launch this May for the PC, in the meantime you can click here to learn more about Anna, see more screenshots and learn more about the real sawmill.