400 Days The Review

Summer is really a tough season for gamers, and even though we do get to see people wearing more revealing clothing, we still long for one good title we can enjoy during this god forsaken heat. Telltale decided to ease our pain this summer by giving us a small Walking Dead fix, with the special episode titled the 400 Days.

400 days follows a separate story line from the original season, based on the lives of five new characters each coping with the zombie outbreak in different timelines and set in the epicentre of the outbreak, Georgia. As a player you get to play with each of the characters, and you get to experience the outbreak from different perspectives through the eyes of the diverse individuals. The story as always is great and immersive, and the gameplay, just like the first season, is simply great.

It’s either because I haven’t played The Walking Dead in a while or the fact that i'm in the shoes of very different characters, but there were certain sequences which felt really intense and suspenseful, which really made the gaming experience that much more awesome. I finished the game in two hours more or less, and I was left with ridiculous grin on my face and an awesome satisfactory feeling of having spent two great hours of your life purely having fun.

I cannot stress how awesome this game is, and the fact that you play with different characters in different sittuations just makes it that much awesomer. Telltale's The Walking Dead just keeps getting better and better which each new chapter and keeps you hooked to the series, making you long for more. This title is simply the physical proof that a game doesn't need mind blowing visuals and cutscenes, but rather fantastic gameplay mechanics coupled with good pacing and a brilliant narration.

Overall Rating: 10/10

Written By Matthew C