The Evil Within TGS Trailer

Bethesda’s The Evil Within, has been haunting fan’s dream ever since it was announced, and during this year’s TGS, the development team behind the project decided to tease us some more with a brand new creepy trailer.  

Bloodborne TGS Trailer

More Bloodborne footage has been revealed during this year’s Tokyo Game Show, and it seems as awesome as the developers other titles. The release date was set for next February the 6th, which seems like a long way from today, but at least we have this trailer,¬†which shows some environments, as well as the lurking …

Robot Guides at Tokyo Museum

During the past few weeks, the World was introduced to Pepper the sales representative, Bob the security guard, and Hitchbot the hitch-hiking robot. But the robo-craze is all but over, as the World’s first Robotic museum guides have been unveiled. Japanese robotics expert, Hiroshi Ishiguro, has developed three robots, which will be operating at the Tokyo National Museum of Emerging Science and […]

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