About Us

SGOM Media and Entertainment

SGOM media and entertainment started off through the introduction of Malta’s first gaming site and podcast back in 2009. The brand evolved into a production hub for independent projects under the direction of Matthew Cesareo. In 2015 the company produced and launched Malta’s first webseries, Overdrive, which boosted the ambition of these film makers and following its end, SGOM Media took over the marketing, design, and media management of the Malta Comic Con and the Pop Culture Fest.

Some Guys One Mic officially seized operations in 2019 following the series finale of the podcast. The team disbanded and Matthew started working in TV production and direction with shows such as Revved.

The Podcast

First launched back in 2009, Some Guys One Mic (SGOM) started off as an amateur gaming podcast to be enjoyed by gamers and geeks alike. With the launch of the second season, Some Guys One Mic introduced their website, offering the gaming public unbiased games reviews, and news. Prior to Season 3, SGOM launched an RSS Feed which made it available for everyone to stream or download the show through RSS on Android, and Apple products! After the RSS feed was launched, The Some Guys One Mic show was officially the first Maltese Podcast to be published on the iTunes Store and Player.fm.

In 2012 the website was redesigned and the decision was taken to re-launch the podcast series in English. Marking their fourth anniversary owner and founder, Matthew Cesareo, launched his first Web Comic, titled, ‘Suddenly Beards…Everywhere’, which halted after a couple of month due to Matthew’s procrastination and chronic masturbation problems. That same year the guys were guests at the Malta Comic Con, and had the honor to host Rufus Dyglo, Marama Corlett, and a slew of indie devs on their show.

In March 2015 the show abruptly ended for a hiatus due to Matthew’s venture in the TV industry. SGOM returned to iTunes and Spotify in 2018 for a short run and unfortunately ended in 2019 for good. Pre-production on Matthew’s TV ventures and the Comic Con required too much work to be able to continue with the Some Guys One Mic Show.


Project Overdrive was conceived by SGOM Media and Entertainment and Second Unit Media; a company made up of indie filmmakers with a passion for cinematography and an unparalleled love for cars.

The team launched this new concept for a local motoring show, which was one step above the rest, not only in content, but also in the artistry and dedication.

Project Overdrive was the first Maltese web-series, which now boast a whopping 300,000 views across their videos on Facebook with a shoe-string budget.

Overdrive has been offering a different variation to local motoring shows, by blending in comic relief with eye candy. Throughout the past season, the show saw the presenters traveling to Salerno, review the coolest cars on the market as well as feature mini-documentaries on iconic cars, one of which reached over 22,500 views in just one week.

The webseries came to an end after 21 episodes with the creative mind behind this project, Matthew, looking to spin off this project on local TV after completing two projects, the Malta Comic Con rebrand and the launch of the Pop Culture Fest, Malta’s first virtual cosplay contest and comic con event.