Francesco Bonello: Co-Host, and In-House Pendantic


Bio: There are those who are avid gamers, they live for the game and they live the game, then there are those who don’t give two shits about anything remotely electronic unless its their slide phone or wrist watch… those who probably still think that flat screen TVs come with valves… then there’s me, Cesco, fifth generation artist/designer and avid pedant. I am basically some thing between a modern tech aficionado and a 1930′s grand dad pointing out what’s wrong with the world today. It’s not that I enjoy being an out right pain, but aesthetics is my fixation in life, and if there is one thing that I hate (besides badly set up burgers and toilet rolls hung the wrong way) is that I, loathe bad design, reason for which, I am what one would call a Mac fan boy :D As your in-house pedant, I shall be focusing on the aesthetics and the functionality as well as the design of all topics discussed with frequent clashes with the guys. Things will get ugly.

Favorite Genre: Strategy, SandBox & Shoot em’ Up
Favorite Game: Resident Evil, Medal of Honor & Red Alert Franchise (Because choosing just one is too mainstream)

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My love and passion for gaming started before the love for breasts, at the tender age of four, back when consoles took hours to load, games came on tapes, and looked like the Lego man took a crap on the TV. I was raised by badgers, and through my youth I nurtured my passion for games instead of actually doing anything productive in life, but god damn it, it was worth it. I like long walks on the beach, preferably in the nude, even though it’s frowned upon, and when I’m alone I like to put on a fake British accent and make the sonic screwdriver sounds. I worked in the gaming industry for roughly seven years before starting a fresh page in the AV world and founding Some Guys One Mic


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