Nurulize show off VR title

One of the leading VR software developers, Nurulize, have used the GDC conferences to show off their tech demo, titled, RISE. The demo is powered by the Unreal Engine 4 and runs in realtime at 4k…

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Life is Strange: The Review

Each time I top up my PSN account, I always do a courtesy browse around the virtual store to see what titles I missed out on, and this February I came across, Life is Strange. I’m not sure how this captured my attention, but i’m glad it did. Life is strange¬†is an interactive novel title,¬†allowing…

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Valiant Hearts: The Review

I have to confess that I never heard of Valiant Hearts, were it not for an article I read on NeoGaf. The game is not a triple A title, or a mainstream title at that, and most of you reading this review might have never have heard about the title if it wasn’t for this…

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Assface Man: Origins

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