The Punisher: The Review


My oh my, my first non-vehicular review since 2015. Feels like the first time I beat the meat. Any who… SGOM is back with a bang, and we now proudly review everything, from sexy lingerie down to games and movies. As my “Cum Back” review I have chosen Netflix’s latest entry in the Marvel Universe; The Punisher.

The Punisher was introduced in this universe during the second season of Netflix’s Daredevil, with Jon Bernthal playing anti-hero Frank Castle. Like all the origins adaptations, Castle is seeking to avenge the death of his family by wreaking havoc over Hell’s Kitchen, brutally murdering anyone who crosses his path.

I will not go into detail nor reveal any important parts of the plot, so you can read on. This series is full of amazing and talented artists which makes this production even more immersive. Jon Bernthal’s portrayal of Frank Castle is spot on. He simply crushes it. The anguish, the pain, and the anger are projected so well, that you simply immerse yourself into this sadistic world and begin to understand the war Frank is fighting inside him.

I have heard people saying;

“Bernthal is too skiny, not pretty enough, and too unlikeable… bla bla bla”

To that I respond with,

“Fuck you man.”

If you have read any of the comics and graphic novels in the Punisher universe, you would know that there are a dozen interpretations, a dozen timelines, and endless stories. In each and every one of them Frank Castle is a bitter, angry, violent, and disturbed anti-hero. This ain’t no usual character like Superman or Spiderman, with characters so likeable you just want to hug them. No the Punisher is closer to Fable”s Bigby. Dark, angry, and dangerous, and Bernthal fits the part perfectly.

If I had to rank all the Punisher interpretations, Bernthal’s would come first, followed closely by Ray Stevenson, then Tom Jane’s, and last and definitely least would be Dolph Lundgren’s.

The direction of the episodes as well as the narratives are simply perfect. Episodes are not dragging, there is no time wasted to stretch episodes, and the story narrative is character driven, allowing a better immersion into what’s going on.

The photography and costume design are superb, and the action/fighting sequences are amazing. There isn’t a single episode which doesn’t grab your attention and leave you longing for more. There are some instances which do scream cliche, and others which are simply flawed; just like governmental agencies’ ability to close a perimeter.

The newly introduced characters (which aren’t in any of the comics) fit perfectly in the universe, and I have to admit Amber Rose Revah is a phenomenal actress. There is a great onscreen chemistry between the lead protagonists in this series, which projects the strong narrative flawlessly, allowing for stronger viewer empathy/sympathy.

The Punisher manages to address several delicate topics including PTSD, depression, and suicide among others. The way these topics are presented manage to trigger subtle thoughts and emotions in the viewer, giving a better understanding of what post war soldiers go through.

I could go on and on, but I will stop here and end my praise. The Punisher is simply another amazing chapter in Netflix’s Marvel Universe. Their dedication to these franchises is simply a cut above the rest. The era when we defined DC as the leaders of the small screen and Marvel as the leaders of the big screen has officially ended thanks to Netflix, and The Punisher is a testament to that.

Overall Rating: 9/10

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