SGOM Game of the Year Awards 2012


The first official episode of the new year is here, which brings on the Some Guys One Mic Game of the Year Awards 2012. The guys take a look at the latest news from the Gaming world and then immerse themselves in crowning last year’s best and worst games. The game of the year awards start off after the mid episode break so feel free to fast forward to that segment.


Songs Used: Enro-p: Panopticon, Craig Mac: Come On Baby, and Johnny Blue: Time Recycl

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My love and passion for gaming started before the love for breasts, at the tender age of four, back when consoles took hours to load, games came on tapes, and looked like the Lego man took a crap on the TV. I was raised by badgers, and through my youth I nurtured my passion for games instead of actually doing anything productive in life, but god damn it, it was worth it. I like long walks on the beach, preferably in the nude, even though it’s frowned upon, and when I’m alone I like to put on a fake British accent and make the sonic screwdriver sounds. I worked in the gaming industry for roughly seven years before starting a fresh page in the AV world and founding Some Guys One Mic


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