Wink smart home collection


The latest newcomer in the home automation world is Wink; which launched their product at The Home Depot, and Amazon.

The Wink Home Hub is multi-device, and multi-protocol home automation system, allowing you can control gadgets such as; your air conditioner, door locks, security system, and much more. All Wink enabled hardware can be controlled, and customized either via the Wink hub, or through the Wink smartphone application, which is available for iOS and Android.

Rachio CEO Chris Klein said;

“With the Wink app, our customers can monitor and update their sprinkler system from the same app they’re already using to control their smart home”

The Wink application and hub retail at $80, and is a spin-off of the Quirky platform. It is able to regulate more than 60 Quirky devices, and also Dropcam, Honeywell, Schalge, and Kwikset,.

The biggest advantage this system brings, is to control all the different hardware with one application, eliminating the need to have multiple apps.

You can program a series of events in your home with the touch of a button without the need of a professional installer.

It is time to start building the smart home of your dreams.

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