The military aircraft of the future


BAE Systems’ scientists and engineers have unveiled four futuristic concepts that could be incorporated in military and civil aircraft over the next 25 years.

Some of the most important concepts revealed:

  • The Transformer; a flexible aircraft system that combines smaller jets for more efficient travel. Just like in the film, it involves a machine, in this case a jet, which can split apart to quickly adapt to any scenario. This futuristic technology could be used for a number of activities including offensive missions, dropping supplies or carrying out surveillance.
  • The survivor; a complex and fluid material built on a fibre body will make out the exterior of the aircraft. This material has the ability to quickly repair any damage sustained during a battle.
  • Directed energy systems; concentrated energy, which can be weaponized and used as a more effective and accurate on board defence system
  • On board 3D printer which can be used during a mission to create drones, or other peripherals to suit the scenario.

Nick Colosimo, manager at BAE Systems, said

“Of course we don’t know exactly what sorts of aircraft technologies will be used in 2040 with any certainty, but it’s great to be able to show the public some concepts that might be possible through projecting where today’s technology could get to”

Whatever we used to see in action movies in our childhood seems to become a reality thanks to today’s technological advances.



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