Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport unveiled


During Sprint’s press event in Chicago, the new Galaxy S5 Sport was officially revealed. This smartphone is a new step in the growing health and fitness markets.

The Galaxy S5 Sport will have an exclusive package of fitness applications and tools, developed in collaboration with Under Amour, and its MapMyFitness team.
Sprint Chief Executive Office said

“Today, Sprint joins leading innovators in Samsung, Under Armour and MapMyFitness to drive technology advances for fitness, health and wellness.”

The Galaxy S5 Sport is a water and dust resistant variation of the flagship phone. It features a textured body making the smartphone easier to hold, and preventing it from slipping from your hands. It features three hard keys, so the smartphone is easier to operate when active.

The smartphone includes:

  • S Health; an integrated mobile health platform to access health info, map workouts, and make healthier eating choices.
  • Activity Zone; an application that brings a barometer, compass, stop watch, and flash light in one single screen.
  • Sprint Fit live with MapMyFitness; which comes with audio coaching, training plans. and more. This package includes access to Spotify workout playlists, with free Spotify premium for six months for customers who are on Sprint Framily plans, or three months for other Sprint customers. You can also customize the look, and feel of fitness tracking, education, music and healthy living content displayed on the wallpaper or full screen experience.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport will become available at Sprint in an Electric Blue and a Cherry Red finish on July 25.
Health conscious users, are you ready for it?

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