Robot plays Angry Birds with disabled Children


The Georgia Institute of Technology has designed a robot smart-tablet system, to function as a future rehabilitation tool for children with cognitive, or motor-skill disabilities.

The technological therapy could involve the popular Finnish game Angry Birds, and a robot.  Kids will teach a robot how to play Angry Bird using a tablet, the robot will be able to learn by watching, and after will record snapshots in its memory.  The machine will keep track of where the finger starts and stops, notice how the objects on the screen move and its interaction, while using the scoreline as a measurement for success. 
The robot will then take their own turn at bird flinging, and should it win, it will do a little happy song and dance.

Georgia Tech’s  Ayanna Howard  said  

“Imagine that a child’s rehab requires a hundred arm movements to improve precise hand-coordination movements.He or she must touch and swipe the tablet repeatedly, something that can be boring and monotonous after awhile. But if a robotic friend needs help with the game, the child is more likely to take the time to teach it, even if it requires repeating the same instructions over and over again”

Parents usually don’t always have time or patience for repetitive rehabilitation sessions, but thankfully a robot never gets tired, or bored.  The next step for the Georgia Tech team will be, to add more games for the robot, including Candy Crush and ZyroSky. 

Thanks to this project children with disabilities could rehab quickly by enjoying, and playing games.


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