Mind control for Google Glass


The Place is an interactive studio based in London, which is launching MindRDR; an open source application that allows users to control Google Glass with their thoughts.

The application links up to Google Glass via the Neurosky EEG bio-sensor, to create a communication loop. At the moment MindRDR can only operate one function, the camera. The device decodes users’ brainwaves prompting the glasses to pop up the camera view in Google Glass. Once the application opens, a small window appears in the corner of the wearer’s right eye, with an horizontal line that indicates if you are concentrating or not.

To take a picture you have to concentrate on the horizontal line to reach the top of the screen. Once the image is captured, the next screen asks if you want to keep the photo, and if you want to post it on social media.

The company intends to use more advanced sensors, and expand the application’s functionality.

The creative director Chloe Kirton said;

“While MindRDR’s current capabilities are limited to taking and sharing an image, the possibilities of Google Glass ‘telekinesis’ are vast. In the future, MindRDR could give those with conditions like locked-in syndrome, severe multiple sclerosis or quadriplegia the opportunity to interact with the wider world through wearable technology”

In the future MindRDR could give a huge help to people who can’t move on their own, allowing the operation of devices with their mind, giving them more freedom and independence.

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