iPunch gloves released


Every man has played with the luna-park boxing game, to measure his strength, and even though primitive it it’s concept, it can be applied to training.

In-fact Stephen Cains, CEO and Founder of the Responsive Sports start-up, has launched iPunch gloves, which take the principle of the ‘strongman carnival game’, and applies it to boxing.

Each glove has two sensors in-built; One measures how hard the punch landed, and the other is a three-axis motion sensor, which tells you speed and strength. The gloves are connect wirelessly with the companion app on your smartphone. The application collects and displays statistics of your session, which include the power and speed of the punches.

The features include:

  • The IPunch Trainer: A virtual trailer which gives the user a specific training session to follow. The instructions progress with time, so they’ll always be challenging. It’s a great way for both new, and experienced boxers to work on their skills.
  • Three minute round. You start the round, put your phone in your pocket, and review your punches at the end of a three minute session. Your round will be saved to your iPunch profile, and synced to the website, allowing you to track your progress, and share it.
  • Test of Strength. As the name implies, in this part you test out your strength.You can compare your stats with your friends. Participants get three chances to punch as hard as they can, and the strongest one wins. The top players are then displayed on a leader board within the app.

The gloves’ batteries last about 15 hours, and can be recharged via USB.

So are you ready to fight?

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The post iPunch gloves released appeared first on Gadgets Malta.

The post iPunch gloves released appeared first on Some Guys One Mic.

The post iPunch gloves released appeared first on Gadgets Malta.

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