Heavenly Sword coming to DVD and Bray


Nariko is making her come back, but this time its on the silver screen. God of War inspired, Heavenly Sword made its début on the Playstation 3, and although it had a lot of promise and room for a sequel, fans were disappointed never to see the return of Nariko.
Thankfully though, Sony Pictures passed on a movie project to Blockade Entertainment, who are currently also working on the Sly Cooper and Ratchet & Clank Adaptation. The movie adaptation is a digital animation, faithful to the game’s original design. The voice cast includes Alfred Molina, Anna Torv, and Thomas Jane, amongst others.

Heavenly Sword is slated for a September 22nd release. The movie will be launching on DVD, Bluray, and in digital format on the  Playstation Network.

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