Dubai’s Air-conditioned city


Dubai is hot, even hotter than Malta; and with temperatures soaring to 50°C in dry desert conditions, you could imagine how exhausting it is to go out shopping, or sight seeing.

Dubai is perhaps the most predominant city in development and innovation, and is already home to indoor Skiing resort to beat the heat. This time though UAE’s latest project, is a huge climate-controlled city, dubbed The Mall of the World.

The Mall of the World will be home to the World’s largest indoor Theme park, several cultural theatres, as well as over 100 hotels, housing over 20,000 hotel rooms. There will also be a spectacular Mall, stretching over 8 million square feet or land… yes that’s right 8 million square feet of air-conditioned retail heaven! To top it all off the Mall of the World will be also home to a 3 million square foot medical centre, aimed at offering inpatient facilities for residents and medical tourists.

There will be over 4.5 miles of air-conditioned streets, housed under a retractable roof (which will only be open during mild winters). The underground parking can accommodate over half a million vehicles of residents and visitors alike. The Mall of the World will be also the venue of several cultural events, which are aimed at entertaining the residents and attracting tourist from all over the world; giving them no reason to step outside under the scorching sun.

Once the ten year development phase wraps up, The Mall of the World will be able to host over 180 Million visitor ever year.

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