Costa Concordia arrives in Genoa


Five days after her departure from the island of Giglio, the Costa Concordia has finally arrived at her final resting place, in the port of Genoa, yesterday afternoon.

The 240Km voyage was a complete success, with no interruptions for environmental groups, and no spillages along the way. This was the world’s largest salvage operation, which took a little over two and a half years to conclude, and cost owner Costa Crociere a whopping 1.5 Billion Euros. The 114,000 tonne liner will now be dismantled for scrap in the coming months.

32 people have perished on that January night, when the Concordia stuck a reef and capsized. One victim, a waiter who stayed behind to help passengers disembark the sinking ship, is yet to be retrieved from the liner.

Captain Schettino is currently being tried for manslaughter, and till this day he continues to deny any responsibility for what happened, even though early investigations have found that the Captain ordered the close sail-by, which caused the ship to strike a reef. The trial is set to commence later next year, and if found guilty, Schettino can face up to 20 years in prison.

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